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ASCLEPIOS™ is a proven software suite, which incorporates a series of IT systems, applications and services for automating and monitoring ALL processes of General, Specialized and Groups of Hospitals, with an easy, as well as time and cost effective way.

Enterprise Resource Planning (E.R.P.), Hospital Information System (H.I.S.), Clinical Information System (C.I.S.), Medical/Health/Patient Records (EHR/MPR), Laboratory Information System (L.I.S.) are the basic systems of ASCLEPIOS™, along with other software, specialized modules and services, in order to create a complete IT solution for Hospitals and the Health Care system.

ASCLEPIOS™ is being developed from Health IT professionals and experts, following advanced technological trends and utilizing high quality standards and protocols. Open architecture, Scalable deployment, Modular, Customizable, Evolvable, Web-based, Cloud oriented are some the features that characterize

ASCLEPIOS™ is being constantly updated for over 30 years, with new technologies, improved processes and new features, creating a unique integrated IT platform for Hospitals and Health Care networks.


  • Integrate all systems into a single Suite

  • Automate, optimize and monitor all processes within your Hospital

  • Eliminate errors and guarantee results

  • Save on running costs

  • Return of Investment

  • Free & Unlimited licenses

  • Flexible contracts and SLA’s

Key Features

  • In & Out Patient Management and Billing

  • Bar-Coded material and drug supply module

  • ERP – WMS - HR

  • Ward management

  • Nurse & Doctor

  • Laboratory and Radiology system

  • Statistics and Reports

  • Help system

  • Common database

  • Interoperability with SOA and HL7 standards

Advanced Features

  • Multi-company (Hospitals)

  • MPR / EHR system

  • PACS integration

  • DICOM/XML compliance

  • Telemedicine  capability

  • Custom development


Database: Oracle
System Server: Windows, Linux
Clients: Windows
Application & Web Server: Oracle, Java, Microsoft, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby
Clients: Windows, Linux