COMPUTER SOLUTIONS S.A. was founded in Athens in 1987, as a result of the cooperation of experts in the fields of Information Technology and the Health Care Sector.

Computer Solutions is a software house with more than 30 years of experience in the field of Information Technology by developing Products, implementing Solutions, delivering Projects and offering Services to meet the needs and expectations of our customers and partners.

Currently, with a clientele that consists of more than 30 public Hospitals and more than 100 private ventures and a complete IHIS platform (ASCLEPIOS™ HOSPITAL) that covers all functional areas of a modern Health Care institution, CS is the leading Health IT solution provider in Greece, able to develop and support large scale IT projects and Web/ Cloud solutions with an agile mindset and methodology, cutting-edge technologies, full standard compliance, as well as state-of-the-art interoperability through a robust HL7/SOA platform.

Reliability, flexibility, and power are why many companies choose Computer Solutions for their IT needs. By holding true to those three qualities, we have become the solution of choice for several of IT-conscious businesses. These solutions are designed to be a part of your business infrastructure and have been engineered to grow as your business grows.

Whether it is software from our portfolio or a custom solution that you seek, you can entrust Computer Solution and its services for taking firmly in control your streamlined business operations.


Foundation of Computer Solutions LTD


Strategic cooperation with ‘St SOPHIA’ General Children’s Hospital for the development of a Hospital Information System “ASCLEPIOS™”


Pilot installation of “Patient Medical Record” at Penteli General Children’s Hospital


Pilot installation of “Patient Nursing File” at ‘St SOPHIA’ General Children’s Hospital


Certification of Computer Solutions according to ISO 9001


Transformation of the company’s legal form to Société Anonyme (S.A.) and relocation of the Head Offices in a privately owned building


Reengineering of products and technology to 3rd Generation Technology


Incorporation of Lab Information System to ASCLEPIOS™ suite


Nation wide IT projects deployment


Reengineering of products to 4th Generation Technology (Web)


Private Businesses and Industry solutions


Agile methodology and Development process remodelling


Cloud & SaaS solutions

Human resources constitute a significant success factor for Computer Solutions. The achievement of the company's goals has been based mainly on its highly specialized and experienced human resources.

Computer Solutions, an equal opportunity employer, follows an objective selection system based on candidates' academic background, analytical thinking, responsibility, integrity, teamwork and the ability to undertake new responsibilities.

Computer Solutions philosophy focuses on employees' "lifelong learning", as well as attracting a highly educated and trained human capital in Greece and abroad. In this context, the company offers its employees systematic training within and outside the company that is tailored to the needs of each position. Computer Solutions also undertakes significant initiatives in knowledge transfer with research and academic institutions.

Computer Solutions primary objective is to design, develop and offer quality information products, systems and services, which satisfy customer requirements and fulfill employee and shareholders aspirations.

Computer Solutions is committed to conducting its business in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, safeguarding pollution prevention, providing for excellent workplace conditions and caring about the communities within which it operates.

Computer Solutions Quality Assurance System implemented throughout the company, assures faithful adherence to the above principles and compliance with all ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013. This System complies with the corresponding National and European legislation and respects international conventions regarding environmental, social and health & safety issues.

Computer Solutions is committed to continue improving the performance of its Quality Assurance System through periodic reviews and by setting and reviewing its objectives and targets, ensuring their relevance to the organizations’ activities and in keeping with company policy.

Computer Solutions is dedicated to excellence and committed to its customers and partners. The core of the company’s principles in the field of service rendering is: “Customers always come first”.

Our expert staff such as developers, software engineers, support specialists and consultants has the opportunity to work closely with customers in order to ensure that partnering with Computer Solutions is a mutually beneficial business investment.

Our vision is to maintain and strengthen the company’s leadership in our main areas of business, together with dynamic expansion into new activities, offering:

  • State of the Art Software Systems

  • Innovative applications

  • Professional services

  • Regular evaluation of progress according to customer and partner views